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5. Can you help determine the final cost of an installed project?

6.  How do you handle cost over runs?

7. What if we don’t want to do the work ourselves?

10. Do you design irrigation systems?

9.  Can you help us locate plants?

2. What is your payment policy?

1. What kind of a time line can we expect for completion of a plan?

8. What if we want to do some of the work ourselves?

12.  Can you give an estimate of what the entire job would cost if we did it  ourselves and having it professionally done?

11. What assurance do we have that  plants in the plan will grow here?

13. Are planting instructions provided for doing it ourselves?

FAQ  Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to complete plans in a timely manner. Work is scheduled as projects are agreed upon. We will make every effort to fit into the clients needs. However, work can be done on the site as the plan is developed.  Workload in the spring is often heavier so the time line may be longer.  Our operating principle is “we won’t hold your work up.” We try to work within your needs and with your contracted work schedule.

3. When do you wish to enter the design process in new construction?

When a project is agreed upon we ask for a down payment of 1/3 the total cost with the balance due when the plan is delivered. Click here for design cost guidelines.

We can enter the process at any point. However, it is helpful to be involved in new construction as early as possible. We would like to offer advice in locating the house, driveways and outdoor features on the building site to maximize your landscape plan. It is important for us to be involved in locating property features on hillsides or uneven contours. If this is not possible it is good to be in on the final grading of the property.

In cost planning you should look at irrigation, hardscape preparation, lawn and plants.  One should explore the cost of doing it themselves and the cost of having the work done in each of these areas. Items to be considered are the cost of labor, materials and contingencies.

The cost offered for a plan at the initial contact is the final price. If we do not ask the right questions or misunderstood answers or the project takes more computer time than expected, that is our problem. 

Our Creative Design Package was developed for people who wanted to do the work themselves. Plans are presented  in sections which can be developed over time. The Creative Plan Package includes follow up time for assisting persons who install part or all of the project themselves.

We work with many landscapers in the valley and can recommend companies we feel are responsible Landscape Contractors.

We can but it is not cost effective for you to have us plan your system. Local irrigation suppliers will design it for you if you purchase the parts from them. They use the 11”x 17” plot plan which we provide in both plan packages.

Our background comes from the retail nursery business where knowledge of plants is essential. Therefore, plants in the plan are hardy for normal summer and winter conditions. The variables come in the care of the plant from the grower to the nursery to your yard and your care afterwards.

We can give some parameters that will help you gather information to address this

Planting and care instructions are included in the Creative Design Package.

Yes.  This area is discussed with the clients based on their location and the type of plants the plan calls for. In all cases we indicate local sources in the Wenatchee Valley and North Central Washington. If plants are not available locally we will advise where they might be found.

14. Do you design landscaping for commercial projects?

We do all forms of commercial landscape design. We are also qualified to work with city and county building codes. The cost structure is different for commercial projects. Please contact us for more details

4. We have an older home that needs the landscaping updated, can your plans work for us?

Our planning processes and resulting plans work equally well with old or new properties. We can help you update your yard to meet your contemporary needs. We also work with period landscaping for older homes.